Put Some Prep in Your Step – Making Meals the Whole Family Will Love

Planning breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks) for the entire family can be overwhelming, especially if you have picky eaters in your household. With a solid plan and the right tools, you can customize meals without compromising your time, budget or sanity. The secret? Instead of making different meals for each person, use one staple ingredient and make simple modifications to create unique dishes the whole family will love, or build upon leftovers to alleviate some of the “what’s for dinner?” stressors.

Morning mood boosters

Fruit is a great way to energize in the morning — and strawberries top the list of antioxidant-rich produce. Chop up and serve as finger foods to hungry toddlers. Or, use your Vitamix blender to create a sweet Strawberry Syrup for homemade Buttermilk Pancakes and Whole Wheat Waffles (hint: it also tastes great drizzled on nice cream or as a dip for deconstructed PB&Js). Parents and kids on the go can toss strawberries — or any fruit —and greens into the blender for a smoothie that’ll keep them satisfied all morning. Pour leftovers into an ice tray for future smoothies, or baby food purees.

Lunchtime all stars

Homemade Peanut Butter can be a great lunchtime star and easily prepared at home with your high-powered Vitamix blender. Use your nut (or nut-free) butter as a dip for fruit and veggies, or simply spread on sandwiches. Put some aside to utilize as the base for a Spicy Chipotle Peanut Sauce, ideal for homemade Pad Thai, or a Peanut Miso Dressing for salads or seared tuna.

Winning dinners

Cauliflower is another healthy and versatile ingredient that’s sure to please. Make it the star of your meal with Roasted Buffalo-Style Cauliflower Sliders. Have some leftovers? Store in the fridge and use for tomorrow’s side dish. Chop florets quickly in your Vitamix blender for cauliflower rice, or transform into a Mashed Cauliflower. You can even make Pizza Crust with this magical vegetable, pleasing adults and kids alike. Let everyone add their favorite toppings for ultimate pizza-night fun! While you’re at it, make extra Pizza Sauce — or even Pesto Sauce — and save for pasta night.

Desserts that delight

I scream. You scream. They’ll all scream for … nice cream. You can blend a healthy frozen treat like this Blueberry Avocado Nice Cream or White Sesame Nice Cream in minutes. By letting everyone pick their own mix-ins, you can create a custom dessert experience without the extra hassle. From fresh fruit and dark chocolate shavings to homemade whipped cream and granola, the possibilities are endless. If you want proof this guilt-free dessert is a hit with kids and adults alike, look no further than our Chefs @ Home video featuring Chef Matt Dugan and his stay-at-home posse.

Focus each meal on one featured element to reduce the kitchen craziness and please everyone from teething toddlers to picky parents. Another way to solve your culinary conundrums? Let kids help plan out the menu so they feel more in control.

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