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WEEK 4: Whole Meal Planning

The Table Is Set

The techniques we’ve learned so far all come together this week – we’re going to show you how to make an entire meal using a Vitamix blender and not much else. Not only are these recipes easy to make, most are faster than traditional preparations, so you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family and friends.

We’ll also go beyond the standard blending container and show you what you can do with just a couple accessories. The Aer™ container is perfect for muddled cocktails, cold milk foam for cold-brew coffee, and emulsions like hollandaise sauce or vinaigrette. Blending cups and bowls are just as versatile, and can be used for single-serving blends, spice grinding, or smoothies on the go.

Featured Eats

Give your wrist a break from chopping, dicing, and dough mixing, and let Vitamix do the work. Plus, learn how to whip up a quick whole-food sorbet or frozen dessert when the ice cream cravings hit.


A Vitamix Blender filled with milk, kale, fruit, and berries

Vitamix Tip: Full-Container Blending

Cooking for a crowd? Vitamix blenders are powerful enough to pulverize a full container of ingredients. Then, when they start to blend down, you can add even more through the lid plug while the machine is running.

Recommended Recipes

Impress your guests with multi-course meals, made almost entirely with a Vitamix blender – plus, get more from your machine with recipes that use other containers.

Plan the Perfect Dinner Party

You can create an equally delicious, vegan alternative to feta cheese with cashews, dried herbs, and several other simple ingredients.

For fun party appetizers, make smaller patties from this recipe and serve them on slider buns .

With a three-cheese blend, spinach, and artichokes, this creamy fondue is a fun twist on your favorite restaurant-style dip.

Add color and a little sweetness to this refreshing lemon-lime cocktail by placing a fresh raspberry in the bottom of your glass.

Brunch Time

Acai and matcha green tea provide an array of health benefits, while apple juice, blueberries, and banana round out the flavor.

Fill these delicate French pancakes with your favorite fruit and cream cheese blend. Our Strawberry Purée makes a delicious syrup topping.

Overflowing with sweet cherries and the perfect companion to your morning coffee.

With a fresh peach, peach schnapps, and champagne, this Venice native is one of Italys most popular cocktails. Garnish with a peach slice or cherry.

Blending Cups And Bowls Recipes

A blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and cloves for holiday baking or festive smoothies.

Taste the flavors of the islands with this spice blend.

A bright, fresh side dish perfect for any summer picnic or cookout.

This light dressing is delicious on greens tossed with mandarin oranges and Chinese noodles, or as a chicken marinade.

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