Festive, Edible Rims for Your Cocktails

Instead of investing in the latest trendy barware, reboot your cocktail glasses with edible rims that not only look beautiful, but also enhance the flavor of your drink.

To coat the rim of the glass, whirl dry ingredients to fine crumbs in your Vitamix blender. Chocolate cookie crumbs, for example, would be delicious with a Brandy Alexander. For extra flavor, savvy bartenders wet the rim with one of the cocktail ingredients before dipping the glass into the edible coating.

Salt is traditional for drinks like the Whole Fruit Margarita. Try using pink Himalayan salt to add sparkle to the rim of a a red or pink cocktail.

Other possibilities include using coconut to highlight a Coconut Rum Café, finely ground peppermint candies for an Iced Pepperminty Café, sugar (or maybe lime cookie crumbs) for a Frosted Cosmopolitan.


  • Cranberry Margarita: Margaritas aren’t strictly for summertime. Try this cranberry concoction at your next holiday gathering.
  • Brandy Alexander: A chocolate milkshake spiked with brandy.
  • Frosted Cosmopolitan: The tartness of cranberry and lime juices, with the surprise of sweetened cranberries at the bottom of the glass.
  • Iced Pepperminty Café: Caffeine provides the snap in this alcohol-free combo of milk, white chocolate, peppermint and coffee.
  • Coconut Rum Café: A delicious blend of piña colada and iced coffee.
  • Whole Fruit Margarita: You’ve never tasted a margarita until you’ve made one with whole fruit!


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