Looking for tasty, filling, low-carb meals? Think it’s impossible? Think again! With the right kitchen appliances and a library of diverse recipes, you can serve up satisfying, delicious dishes sans the extra starch and sugar. Just add protein and fiber (plus some healthy fats) or find simple substitutes that add flavor but leave you feeling full.

  1. Instead of adding white rice as a side, pulse some low-cal, fiber-rich cauliflower florets in your high-performance Vitamix blender for a quick and easy “rice” alternative. This goes great with chicken or a mild fish like baked cod. Top with a fennel puree for a zest that’ll make you forget you ditched the carbs.

    Baked Cod

  2. If you can’t live without pizza (or if you have kids’ taste buds to satisfy), try this carb-conscious Cauliflower Pizza Crust, which can be made right in your blender. Or, use almonds to make your own lower-carb flour and transform it into homemade dough. You can also use your Vitamix to make a vibrant tomato sauce and even to grate fresh parmesan cheese. Top with fan-favorite proteins like sausage and pepperoni, unique ingredients like a sunny-side-up egg, or go vegetarian with onions, peppers and mushrooms.

  3. Adding protein (beef, chicken, pork or fish) to your diet can help reduce hunger levels and curb appetites. This Slow Cooker Beer Braised Beef or Crown Roast of Pork will make mouths water. Enhance the flavor profile of lean chicken with this delicious Dukkah Spice Rub or make your own marinades and sauces. Skip the carb-loaded sides and reach for a second helping of fiber-packed vegetables like Charred Brussels Sprouts. Vitamix blenders make it quick and easy … and tasty, too!

  4. Dukkah Spice Blend with Salmon

  5. Looking for non-meat protein? You’re not alone. With the popularity of Beyond Meat, many people are seeking new ways to incorporate plant-based proteins. This Vegetable Meatloaf paired with a cauliflower mash or simple side of roasted broccoli will cause cravings for meatless Mondays … even on a Tuesday! Beans (opt for lima beans, which are lower in carbs) and nuts are also excellent meat-free protein sources.

  6. Start your meal off with a hearty soup (try this Spinach and Vegetable Soup) or a salad before digging into the main dish – or serve it as an entrée on its own. Vitamix even helps you create sugar-free, yet flavorful, dressings, including this simple Caesar Salad Dressing and this Greek-Style Vinaigrette. Drizzle and enjoy!

  7. Basic Vinaigrette

  8. Don’t have time for a sit-down meal? Not to worry! Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a nutrient-packed smoothie with the right fruits and veggies can be a perfect meal replacement. Green, leafy vegetables like spinach are rich in vitamins, high in fiber and have a mild, versatile flavor. Avocados provide a serving of healthy fats that add to the creamy, velvety texture, and nuts can give an extra protein punch.

  9. As you can see, the versatility and power of your Vitamix blender can transform everyday ingredients into limitless low-carb possibilities. Share your own carb-free creations using #MyVitamix.