It’s no surprise kids are picky eaters. They haven’t yet developed a refined palate, which is why many of the unique flavor combinations we find tasty are “icky” to kids.

Here are some recipe alternatives as well as ingredients that can start as simple meals for the kids and transform into crowd-pleasing eats (and drinks) for adults.

Try these recipes when cooking for kids:

  • Breakfast Juice

    Kids will love Orange Juice Plus, a slight variation of standard orange juice. And for the adults, a splash of champagne in the leftover juice makes for a great mimosa. Similarly, the Garden Fresh Cocktail doubles as a tomato-based juice for kids.

  • Dinner Ideas for Kids

    For meal time, try serving the healthy and all-natural Sweet Potato Soup to the young ones. The great thing about this recipe is that some additional ingredients such as cinnamon and poblano peppers give this hearty soup an entirely different flavor, transforming it into the Sweet Potato Soup with Seared Tomatillos recipe.

    Even pizza can be tailored to meet the tastes of both you and your kids. While most kids are easily satisfied with plain cheese or pepperoni, pizza can be its own world of culinary possibilities. For a healthy adult alternative to regular pizza sauce, try the White Bean Purée.

  • Dessert Recipes

    Kids are happy with desserts of any kind, but adults are often fond of more elaborate delicacies, such as Berry Sorbet with Mixed Spices. To make the kid-friendly version, simply omit the ginger, mint, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon.