We know that kids don’t actually sleep at sleepovers. What do they do instead? They eat! Your Vitamix blender can help you feed them quickly and make prep time in the kitchen a fun activity for the entire group.

Snacks for the Evening

Begin the evening with Fresh Fruit Punch and Pizza. Young guests can help stretch out the dough and arrange their favorite toppings. Later in the evening, invite them to roll out and shape their own theatre-style Soft Pretzels to enjoy during a movie. After the pretzels bake, kids can eat them plain, or dip them in Chocolate Hazelnut Spread or Not-So Cheese Sauce. Still craving a late-night snack? Break out the Chocolate Marshmallow Milkshakes, quickly prepared in the Vitamix blender.

Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Staying up all night can give kids a big appetite the next morning. After a breakfast of Buttermilk Pancakes drizzled with Cinnapple Syrup, and a Basic Fruit Smoothie, they’ll go home satisfied and eager for the next sleepover.