Whether you prefer a long leisurely stroll or you’re an avid hiker, it’s always a good idea to combine exercise with fresh air. Before you head out though, make sure you prepare accordingly. In addition to staying hydrated with plenty of water, the right snack foods will keep you energized throughout your trek.

Start your morning with a healthy breakfast to power your day ahead. You can let your Vitamix whip up a protein-rich smoothie in no time to enjoy at home, or drink it while you hike. This Nuts and Grains Breakfast Smoothie is a great choice. Or blend up one of these Power-Packed Smoothies.

While it may be easier to toss a few store-bought granola bars into your bag, you can avoid the high sugar content and preservatives by making your own. Vitamix Granola Bars are simple to make and even easier to take with you on the go.

Fueling for a hike—or bike ride, walk, or run—means giving your body complex carbohydrates for sustained energy and protein to support your working muscles. When you’re snacking while exercising, you’ll want to make sure you’re eating for energy. Check out these energy-packed snack recipes:

Nuts are also great to take along on a hike. Eat them on their own, or you can quickly and easily make a nut butter in the Vitamix to enjoy a decadent treat while on the go. Try spreading between two crackers for a bite-sized sandwich, or enjoy with apple slices and carrot sticks. Either way, you’ll be glad you packed a nutritious snack.