The Vitamix blender is your baby’s best friend for creating baby food that is pure, fresh, nutritious and natural. Make velvety purées for your baby to eat today, or freeze whole batches of baby food in ice cube trays and always have a healthy meal on hand.

For babies six months or older, try blending these fruits, vegetables and meats:

  • Fresh or thawed frozen fruit, peeled and seeded: bananas, peaches, avocado, papaya, mango
  • Steamed fruit: seeded apples or pears
  • Steamed fresh or frozen vegetables or canned vegetables: peas, green beans, spinach, corn; peeled sweet potatoes, squash, carrots
  • Cooked meats, boneless and cubed: chicken, turkey, pork, beef, veal, lamb

When blending your purée, add breast milk, formula or water. Include the liquid from steaming to capture the nutrients dissolved in the cooking water. If you are making batches of baby food to freeze, be sure to use only freshly-expressed breast milk, never breast milk that was frozen, then thawed.

Begin by serving a single type of fruit or vegetable purée. If after three days your baby shows no signs of allergies, then try another food. Once your baby is eating several foods regularly, you can combine them if you like when blending.

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