The next time pizza night rolls around, bring out the Vitamix blender and announce build-your-own-pizza night. It’s a lot more memorable than delivery, and a lot healthier, too.

Use the Pizza recipe below to create a standard dough, or substitute either of the flours for a gluten-free option. Then keep your Vitamix machine running to make a traditional Tomato Sauce or something more edgy, like Pesto Sauce. Challenge family members to try different toppings, such as corn, tomatillos or roasted eggplant. Hit the farmers market for locally-made cured meats, fresh veggies, or perhaps a regional cheese to sprinkle on top.

Homemade pizza also caters to the sweet tooth. Use the same recipe for the crust, but bake before adding toppings. Slather the top with Chocolate Hazelnut Spread or Vanilla Custard Sauce and add fruits like kiwis, berries and bananas, or sweets like marshmallows, chocolate candies, or nuts like walnuts and pecans. Return the candied pizza to the oven for a few minutes if you want to melt the toppings. With kids in the kitchen, pizza night will never be the same!

Watch a video demonstration to learn how to make pizza dough in your Vitamix machine.

Homemade Dough for Pizza:

Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipes:

  • White Bean Purée: Garlic, bay leaf, and fresh thyme flavor this non-traditional sauce. We like it topped with sliced tomatoes and fresh basil for a new twist on Margherita pizza.
  • Fresh Tomato Sauce: The thick, delicious Italian classic.
  • Pesto Sauce: Fresh basil gives this sauce a beautiful green color and mouthwatering flavor. Delicious topped with mushrooms, black olives, and grilled chicken.

Sauce Recipes for Dessert Pizza: