About Fraudulent Websites

Thank you for visiting Vitamix.com.

The best way to make sure that you are purchasing an authentic Vitamix product is to shop at Vitamix.com or through Vitamix authorized reputable sellers found at https://www.vitamix.com/Where-To-Buy.

Fraudulent websites are becoming more skilled at creating deceptive websites. Fraudulent sites often promote themselves through social media platforms. Here are some tips to identify fraudulent sites pretending to be Vitamix.com:

  • URL’s that come close to Vitamix.com, but have misspellings or slight variations
  • Broken or not working links on the website
  • Prices that are too good to be true
  • The same price for different models
  • Lots of small errors
  • Check the contact section for a physical address
  • Websites pretending to be a Vitamix outlet store – Vitamix does not operate any outlet stores
  • The customer service for the website does not treat you like family

If you believe that you may have purchased product from one of these fraudulent and/or unauthorized retail websites, immediately contact your credit card company and report the transaction as a fraudulent transaction on a scam site. Consider reaching out to law enforcement, the Federal Trade Commission, or consulting an attorney.

You can help us prevent others from becoming victims of fraudulent websites in the future by reporting potential websites to Our Customer Service. Please be prepared to include the name and location of the seller, or their website address.

Please also be sure to monitor your credit card statements and remember to shop online at trusted Vitamix.com or through reputable sellers found at https://www.vitamix.com/Where-To-Buy.